Words and Pictures

Don’t you hate it when you plan to write and don’t end up writing?

That’s happened to me numerous times after my first post. I wanted to write about my first Lakers game against my Warriors (Didn’t get to see Kobe though), eating ube pancakes, first KmB and SJ meetings, the start of my second semester, coming back to work, APAAC (Full recap), first USC Women’s Basketball game against Stanford, and other highlights.

During my Xanga days in the early 2000s, I would write a catch-up post summarizing everything in my head. Realistically, that’s not going to happen. But I have some photos!


029 001 005 003 004 005
003 006

001 002

Perhaps I will write a #ThrowbackThursday in the future. I’m sure I will revisit my first Lakers game, which was supposed to be my first and final time seeing Kobe Bryant play basketball. Mark my words, I will watch him play before this season ends. I saw Michael Jordan play in 2003. Crossing my fingers, the hope is that I will have the opportunity to do the same with #24. Although I hated him as #8 with a passion growing up, basketball is basketball. My first love. Respect is given where respect is due. I must give it up for one of the greatest and most clutch players of the game.

Coming back to speed with this weekend: Writing and performing our original poem for Arianna, Francis, Rory, and Fenix, and recording a persona poem about a Filipino-American WWII veteran, I really miss creating. It’s been so long that I’ve been away from spoken word. I promise, more poetry will be in my life.

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