Everyday Happy

Saturday was the first time Eddy and I actually sat down together to write a piece since our wedding. Inspired by the happiness of friends and their growing families, this weekend reminded me that it truly does take a village.

Dedicated to Arianna, Francis, Aurora, and Fenix.

Smile. Laugh. B.
There are an estimated 42 muscles in the face on a good day
Everyone has more or less but we have the most muscles here. Right here.
The old saying goes: It takes 40 muscles to frown and 17 to smile, so why tire ourselves?
Breathe and live.
If strength is family, then family isn’t about the workout
Family is working it out
With presence, nonsense
And finishing each other’s sentence… Ces.

Family is plates of food stacked on tables ready to fill hungry bellies.
Family is a warm towel after getting caught in the rain.
Family is photo albums of arms over shoulders.
Family is a reminiscent song from your past in the daunting present.
Family is an invitation to a party.

Family is generations.
Is a tree (generations)
Is roots (generations)
Is the earth that grounds it. (generations)

Family is there even when you don’t need it.
Family is the umbrella on a sunny day.
Family is the ice when you’re boiling tea.
Family is the blanket when it’s 100 degrees.
Family is the phone call at 1 in the morning.
The phone call to make sure you’re eating.
The phone call that tells you to get your flu shot.
The phone call just because.

Family is always, every day, reflected on our faces
From childhood to neighborhood
B. Laugh. Smile.
Everyday. Happy.

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