Rock Climbing For the First Time Ever!

On Saturday, Eddy and I went rock climbing at Stoney Point Park in Chatsworth. The company I work for has a program that trains high school interns as outdoor adventure guides specializing in rock climbing while also teaching marketing and leadership skills to be entrepreneurs. We got the chance to be able to attend their culmination ceremony for free! I was so impressed with the students’ professionalism and enthusiasm. And it’s always so cool to see the youth in person — I’m usually just at the office staring at a computer screen, so why this work is important sometimes gets lost. It was also really cool seeing some students I met about two years ago when I conducted a marketing workshop for them at their schools — and now they’re applying to college!

There were a few things we discovered after rock climbing. One was that you rely much more on your legs than you do your hands. As one student noted to us, “Your legs are stronger than your arms.” Another is that you really have to trust the person who is belaying you. I remember as I made my way up the wall, I could see the rope pulling down to keep me stable according to where I moved. Third, you get a lot of support from the people on the ground. The students would shout out tips on where you can put your feet, and yell phrases like “You got it!” and “Just a little farther!” It was incredibly encouraging.

It’s been really fun going on these adventures. First, it was camping with the kasamas of KmB at Malibu Creek State Park. Now this. Eddy and I want to go camping again soon… We shall see!

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