Hey there, 2018!

Goodbye 2017! It was a busy year for us. We delivered our first keynote ever and it was for the 10th Annual SCPASA Summit. We were given the opportunity to kick off KPCC’s brand new storytelling series, Unheard LA. We celebrated our last birthdays of our 20s. We visited New Orleans for our anniversary and fell in love with this city’s vibrant culture, and of course, the beignets. We traveled to Hawaii for the first time together and now constantly wish to return. For all the good times, there were those moments that were the absolute roughest for us. Personally, I struggled on my own journey to preserve my mental health. It was not easy at all and scary at one point. It continues to be a process. Thankfully though, Stephanie was by my side, I started therapy, and the community’s support was always felt.

We pushed through together and ended the year with family in Las Vegas (Not too wild, but we have a vlog about that trip). That reminds me. We started a YouTube Channel and will have a new vlog every Wednesday. You can view them all on our “Videos” tab and feel free to let us know what you think. Honestly, we update our Instagram and YouTube at @writesteady more than this blog, but I am hoping to balance it out more for the new year and thank you for even reading this!

Check out this Instagram Top 9 of 2017 which sums up the year fairly well.

2017 felt like two years with all that had happened personally and politically. Eventful, strenuous, and a reminder of resiliency.

We are ready to move onto the next one. 2018, you’re off to a good start. See y’all in the community.

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