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Okay so this is more fun than we thought. First, Universal Studios for Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle. Second, IKEA for a bookshelf and maybe a rug. Next… we’ll see where our adventures take us.

We have officially launched our social media! Instagram: @WriteSteady Twitter: @WriteSteady Facebook: WriteSteady You can expect instant updates about our performances, activism, date nights, and more. Follow/like us and YES we do follow back. We do not have a Snapchat because we don’t really.. get it, BUT our YouTube channel will launch on Tuesday, June […]

Looking back at old posts on this blog (and there’s not too many), I saw that we mentioned recording my poem, “Death March,” for a collaborative project with a talented magician and friend, Andre Echave. I also realized that we didn’t share the finished version on here. Filmed and edited by David Lazaro of the […]

I am active on Twitter now. Follow me at @egana_jr if you dare. There is an underscore, not a period so take note that it’s different from my Instagram. I tend to post about social justice, writing, and self-care reminders. My “most popular” tweet is about #Wokemon. I don’t know how it happened, but this […]

This is a project that dates back to 2007 according to organizational e-mails I’ve recovered. That is four years before Stephanie and I became involved with KmB, Pro-People Youth. Fittingly, this is better late than never. We held our first recording session with the kasamas: Jay, Chris, Kacey, Manila, Andrew, Cheryl, and Cy. It was […]

Community IS family. Shout-out to Tuesday Night Project, Our Mic, One Mic Collective, common ground, and The Definitive Soapbox! Each Sunday Jump holds a place in our hearts, but this especially is one for the memories. This is not about competition, this is about collaboration. Safe spaces are very, very necessary.

From May 31st to June 14th, we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary and belated honeymoon (#SteadyMoon) in Tokyo, Japan. It is hard to believe that it has been a year already since our wedding, but married life is everything we imagined it to be. Here are some videos from our adventures! Crossing Shibuya Crossing Whoa, […]

After a spontaneous trip to Mr. Boba, Stephanie and I went to Ralphs this evening. What was supposed to be a quick stop to buy toilet paper turned into a grocery run. As we browsed the deli section, our wedding song, “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessional played over the loudspeaker. We stopped what we were doing. […]

Don’t you hate it when you plan to write and don’t end up writing? That’s happened to me numerous times after my first post. I wanted to write about my first Lakers game against my Warriors (Didn’t get to see Kobe though), eating ube pancakes, first KmB and SJ meetings, the start of my second […]

Today, the Asian Pacific American Awareness Conference reminded me: The youth will lead the revolution. I am very proud to be an alum of UC Irvine.