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Magic POetry: WWII Filipino-American Veterans

Looking back at old posts on this blog (and there’s not too many), I saw that we mentioned recording my poem, “Death March,” for a collaborative project with a talented magician and friend, Andre Echave. I also realized that we didn’t share the finished version on here. Filmed and edited by David Lazaro of the […]

Everyday Happy

Saturday was the first time Eddy and I actually sat down together to write a piece since our wedding. Inspired by the happiness of friends and their growing families, this weekend reminded me that it truly does take a village. EVERYDAY HAPPY Dedicated to Arianna, Francis, Aurora, and Fenix. Smile. Laugh. B. There are an […]

The color orange

I want to feel your dynamite stick hands in mine Together we make fireworks Light me up bright orange The way the sunset streaks across the horizon I am the earth, you are the sun Whose fingertips stretch for one last touch before you have to leave You are that slice of citrus wedged between […]